Cinematic Virtual Reality Services


Virtuo specialises in cinematic virtual reality services ranging from VR strategy development to professional VR video productions, app development and live VR streaming. With some of the most advanced VR cameras available globally, expertise in immersive VR app development and strategic thought-leadership around the converging industries, the team at Virtuo can get your brand into the virtual reality space.


VR Solution Consulting

VR Strategy & Ventures
VR Engineering
Technology Service Design

Professional 3D VR Video Production

VR Production & Editing
360 Stitching & Masking
Titles & Effects

VR App Development

User experience conceptualisation
3D design & animation
Front-end & back-end
App development and coding
Testing and deployment
App monetisation

Live VR Streaming

VR production gear
Live VR stitching and streaming
Streaming platforms


Take a look at some of the VR experiences produced for our clients with a closer look behind the scenes.


OUR EQUIPMENT - Only the best is good enough. After extensive research, Virtuo invested in a custom built rig from leaders in the VR film industry based in Los Angeles. There are only two of these rigs available globally and we are proud to make this state-of-the-art equipment available for local VR productions in South Africa and also for our international clients. Aimed at higher-end productions, the rig boasts 8 x 4K professional cinematic cameras with a combined stitched output resolution of 11K+ with frame rates ranging from 30 to 60 fps all gen-locked.

OUR PEOPLE - From engineers, video production specialists to our technology development team, we can offer our clients a turnkey solution in the VR space.

OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS - No project is too big or small for the team at Virtuo. We have strategically partnered with leaders in the global VR industry based in the USA, Amsterdam and SA making the best VR practices, technology and talent available to our clients.


When wearing a VR headset (e.g. Samsung Gear VR), Virtual Reality Video can give a viewer a fully immersive experience into another world allowing them to Be anywhere and See everything. This opens up a world of opportunities in terms of content creation for tourism, corporate advertisements, training, entertainment, sales and many more. The opportunities are endless. When filming in VR, we treat the camera as a human being. The question then arises, what is it that you want your target audience to see, to hear. Where do you want them to be, what do you want them to experience? This is the power of VR.

If you have something unique to offer, VR app development will allow you to monetise your VR experience and open up a global income stream to a market that never existed before.

" Virtual reality is taking the globe by storm and will be the top technology trend in 2016 and possibly years to come."


Virtual reality is taking the globe by storm and will be the top technology trend in 2016 and possibly years to come. Think of the first time video was launched in the 1940s, we currently experiencing the launch of a brand new technology being launched globally allowing us to engage with consumers like never before. In June 2016 Samsung reported sales of over 1 Million VR headsets since their launch in early 2016. Experts predict that over 200 Million VR headsets will be sold by 2020, just imagine the opportunities of brand engagement that is waiting upon us.

Virtual reality video has been around for a number of years but there was no affordable vehicle to get those videos out to a global market. Thanks to the advancement in smart phone technologies, the consumer market is currently far outgrowing the content creation market and this is where the opportunity lies. People have Virtual Reality headsets with very little content to view. Facebook and YouTube both enabled the playback of 360 VR videos on their social media platforms opening up huge possibilities for 360 advertisements.


Stefan Smit

As a strategic futurist and qualified industrial engineer with more than 15 years' experience, Stefan supports top-tier business executives with disruptive strategy design and execution globally. He has designed multiple digital disruption projects and participated in the prototyping of conceptual designs and eco systems for major global players. In 2014 he received the Innovation and Market Growth "Player of the Year" award at Deloitte Consulting and was part of the team that won "Project of the Year" in 2014 for the disruptive design of a new global digital bank. In addition to Virtuo, he is also the Managing Director of Convergenc3 Group, that focuses on alternative delivery models for future businesses. Stefan heads new business development across Africa and Europe for Virtuo and supports the VR operations' team with stitching & masking.

Chris Stassen

Chris has over 13 years' experience in business development within the Financial Services and Information Technology sectors, with exposure to the South African and North American markets. As the Vice President of MB3 Technologies, Chris has played an integral part in the growth and expansion of MB3 across North America becoming the leading provider of Emergency Management Software. Chris heads new business development in North America for Virtuo.


If virtual reality is of interest to your company, feel free to schedule a meeting with us. We will firstly introduce you to the technology and then do a thorough assessment of your needs and devise a VR strategy for your organisation.